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MP Solar Systems Ireland - Why Solar?

Save your money on your energy Bills!!! Great Investment for You and Your Family future!

Mp Solar - Our Solar Water Heating systems are most efficient on Irish market and can be done specifically to your property requirements to produce a cost-effective solution that significantly reduces the amount of gas, oil and electricity required to heat water in your home.  

Solar hot water systems convert the heat in sunlight into usable hot water for your home or business.   This Solar energy system will help to protect the property owners from energy price rises. Generate up to 70% of your hot water needs for free and reduce your heating bill!  

With ever increasing fuel prices this can be a fantastic investment for the future by fixing the price of your fuel. The technology is considered one of the best renewable technologies and you can genuinely turn off your boiler between May and September. The system lasts approx 25-30 years and will pay off within first 7-8 years.   

The price of our solar heating system will depend on specific requirements as size of your family, type of your property, hot water needs and more. Our domestic solar water heating system will cost approx € 5500 to € 7000 which gives a fantsatic value to our customers. Remember we supply and install the most efficient German solar heating systems in Ireland.    

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MP Solar Systems Ireland - Ireland leading Solar water heating systems specialists. We supply and install our solar systems in Dublin , Cork and South East of Ireland

MP Solar Systems - Most Efficient Solar Water Heating Systems in Ireland.  

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